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Bulk voice calling is a communication technology, to send pre-recorded voice messages to a large group of peoplequickly on their mobile phones or landline numbers across the country. These are automated voice calls and thus do not require operators or dialer for call processing. Bulk voice calls are used for various purposes such as sending reminders, notifications, community alerts, updates, OTP’s, business promotions etc.

Bulk voice call is not a new concept in India. Many businesses are using Bulk Voice calling services in India for promoting their products and services and communicate with customers since last many years. Bulk Voice Call campaigns can prove to be very beneficial in business growth & success when used effectively with right messages and on time delivery.If you haven’t started such campaigns yet then it’s high time to think and start advertising and promoting your businesses with bulk voice call services from an expert company like Parken Solution.

Parken Solution, an IT company based in Jaipuris a reliable Bulk Voice Calls Services Provider in India offering bulk voice calling services and bulk SMS services to businesses for easy interaction with their large number of clients.Using our superb, fast, user friendly online control panel and best price Bulk Voice call services in India you can send voice ads/pre-recorded voice messages to customers with ease on theirlandline or mobile phones in Jaipur or all over India.

Our excellent bulk voice call services in Jaipur has helped many businesses, strengthen their presence in the competitive market.

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Promote Your Business Smartly With Bulk Voice Call Service India

If you want to promote your business in a cost effective way then bulk voice call can be the most effective marketing strategy.Bulk voice calls are used for various purposes in different sectors such as Hospitals, Hotels, Banks, Educational Institutions (Schools, Colleges), Political Voting Campaigns, Utilities, Ecommerce Stores, Shops, Corporate Companies, Insurance Companies, Supermarkets, Malls, Travel Agents, Tour Operators, Travel Services (Airlines,Trains, Buses), IT Support Services, and Marriage Invitations & Reminders etc;

Some Of The Ways Bulk Voice Calls Are Used:

  • Lead Generation.
  • Appointments (Confirmation, Bookings, Scheduling, Re-Scheduling).
  • Event Notifications (Business Events, Confrences, Social Gatherings, Parties, Weddings etc.)
  • Promotions of Products & Services.
  • Social Campaigning Messages (Fund Raising, Voting Campaigns, Political Campaigns).
  • Announcements.
  •  Reminders (EMI, Payments, Services, Meetings).
  • Product Launch & Updates.
  • One Time Passwords (OTP).
  • Customer Surveys.
  • Wake Up Calls.
  • Broadcast Offers.
  • Deals.

Why Use Parken Solution For Your Business Voice Call in India Campaign?

Our voice calling portal is easy to use with a user-friendly interface. We are devoted to provide superb quality clear voice call services.Our bulk voice call pricings are very reasonable and we provide customized offers too. Our dedicated team of professionalsare ready to assist you and provide excellent support when required.Our bulk voice call service in Jaipur is appreciated by many clients because of right execution, quality calls, client centric approach and effective pricings.

If you are still wondering why choose us as a bulk voice call service provider in India then here are some of the reasons.

Features Of Bulk Voice Calling Services In Jaipur Provided By Us

  • Appointments (Confirmation, Bookings, Scheduling, Re-Scheduling).
  • Automatic Dialing.
  • User Friendly Portal.
  • Different Language Support.
  • Easy to Use.
  • Feature Rich.
  •  Cost Effective.
  • Send Personalized Messages.
  •  Detailed Call Reports.
  • Fully Automated.
  • Dedicated Support Team.
  • No Hidden Costs.

Our Bulk Voice Call Pricesin India:

Reach your target audience in the easiest and fastest way. Easily Send Bulk Voice Calls anywhere in India at low prices with our quality bulk voice call service. Try It Now!

We have different bulk voice call packages in India. We also provide customized bulk voice calling packages tailored to business needs. Call us now for detailed info+91 7891378913

20,000 ₹4000 ₹3800 ₹6000
50,000 ₹7500 ₹6800 ₹14000
1,00,000 ₹14000 ₹13000 ₹25000

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