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Digital marketing is an integral part of businesses and individuals today. In cases like these, we help you drive leads, improve sales and revenue with our digital marketing initiatives. We’ve a potential custom based plans prepared to grow your business exponentially.

Digital Marketing Services

We specialize in marketing that covers every stage of your customer journey and sales funnel. No matter whether you need to up your search rankings, gain a competitive edge, or strengthen your web presence, we come with a team of specialists for the task.

Search Engine Optimization

Right from finding the best match keywords, link building, to running technical checks and modifications on the on-page SEO, our team of search engine optimization and website development experts know how to make you rank high on the SERPs. We make strategies that are bound to get you maximum visibility in the long run.

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Social Media Marketing

Cutting through the noise in social media and making your brand story viral is what our social media team does best. We know all the hacks and best practices of making your marketing campaign viral and engaging across social media platforms. Our team takes care of everything from making plans to content creation, and publishing to tracking.

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Paid Ads

Display advertisements lie at the heart of every digital marketing plan. We specialize in creating platform-specific ads for not just Google but also social media. Having run 1000+ paid campaigns for different industries, we know what works for which company type and how to augment it to get maximum clicks at low CPC.

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Growth Marketing

At Parken, we carry an in-depth experience in growth focused marketing - both seasonal and long-term. We hold the skills across SEO, media relations, and paid campaigns that ensures you are not just in the news but also become a thought leader in your space. All the while, we help you create a foundation where you track the performance.

Content Marketing

We have an in-house team of content marketing experts who know how to create conversion-friendly, action inspiring content. We help you make a content plan and support it with multiple content formats ranging from blogs, eBooks, case studies, etc. with the guarantee of high quality, viral-friendly pieces that get bookmarked and shared.

Email Marketing

Nothing beats the conversion rate of old-school email marketing and our team understands this completely. We excel in drafting funnel-wise emails after a thorough audience research and what triggers them towards action. Our email marketing efforts are famous for showing an average of 90% open rate and 87% click-through rates, making it a key revenue mechanism.

Conversion Rate Optimization

The success of any digital marketing effort lies in the conversion it is able to garner. Every step that we take towards making your content and campaign conversion friendly is a merger of your business goals and your customers needs, with an assurance that you become the go-to source for your customers.

PR and Media Relations

Our team of PR experts know how to build and make stories viral. We work with you to find share-worthy stories and take them to our network of media companies. We then keep a track on the story’s performance ensuring that we have a Plan B ready if it fails to reach its potential in the first cycle.

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The Digital Marketing Agency Helping You Ace All The Customer Journey Funnels
Every digital browser or visitor goes through multiple stages before they become a customer. We help you ace all the stages through our well-strategized set of skills and plans. At the top of the funnel where you have to attract users, we use the best practices of PR, SEO, Paid marketing, and Influencer marketing to get the focus on your brand. Once people get an understanding of what you can deliver, we move to the middle of the funnel stage where we help make connections at the back of a great Social Media presence, Content Marketing, and Affiliate Marketing. After this when your users are only one step away from becoming customers, we push them towards actions through Email Marketing, CRO, and Targeted ads.
Become a www Leader With Parken Digital Marketing Services
Our digital marketing services help you see all internet marketing benefits in action.
Global Reach
Unlock the opportunity to diversify your reach globally with our Digital marketing tactics.
Better Conversion Rates
We compare and contrast the performance of your multiple advertising channels for effective conversion rates.
Cost-Effective Marketing
We offer cost-effective marketing strategies that helps you save money and bring potential leads hassle-free.
Measurable Results
We keep a track of all business progress and meet your deadlines for measurable results.
Greater Scope Of Personalization
Get access to a pool of personalized functionalities that matches your business model.
Better Customer Loyalty
We craft a well-designed and well-executed loyal programme to help you retain existing customers, attract new customers, and drive profits.
Niche Targeting
We create highly targeted form of advertisement that extensively targets your business niche.
Digital Marketing Process That Makes You an Internet Sensation in Record Time
We use all the necessary tools and approaches to make you viral in the digital space and get you maximum ROI from the marketing investments.
We help brands analyze their business goals.
We help in planning SEO, SMM, PPC, & Content while finding the best platforms for your brand.
We schedule and share all the campaign details.
We track the performance and make the adjustments accordingly.
Using the Best Digital Marketing Toolset !

We guarantee the success of your SEO strategies with the merger of best in class tools and practices.

Sprout Social
Adobe design suite